Sacco Hundewagen

Liebe zum Detail seit über 40 Jahren.

Since its inception, Sacco International has been dedicated to the health and wellbeing of dogs, making it a trusted name among dog lovers and enthusiasts. The company's journey began several decades ago in Norway, a country renowned for its rich dog sledding heritage. The founders, driven by a passion for dogs and their exercise needs, set out to create a product that would not only provide a safe and reliable means of exercise but also bring joy and excitement to both dogs and their owners. This vision led to the birth of the Sacco Cart, a high-quality tool that would revolutionize the way dogs are exercised on dry land.

Over the years, Sacco International has continuously evolved its design and production processes to ensure the utmost safety and reliability of their products. The team of developers have poured their expertise and dedication into perfecting the design of the Sacco Cart. With a deep understanding of the importance of regular exercise for active dogs, Sacco International has worked closely with veterinarians and professionals in the field to create a product that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Vorher Nachher

Sehen Sie, wie sich der Sacco-Hundewagen seit seiner Einführung weiterentwickelt hat
Alte Version
Old version of the Sacco dog cart
Neue Version
All-new version of the Sacco dog cart in green with rear-view mirrors

Today, Sacco International stands as a beacon of excellence in the dog exercise equipment industry. Their commitment to the health and wellbeing of dogs is evident in the remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Sacco Cart. The company's success is rooted in its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative design, and a deep love for dogs. As Sacco International continues to grow and expand its reach globally, it remains true to its core values, ensuring that dogs and their owners can enjoy joyful rides on the new Sacco Cart while promoting a healthier and happier canine lifestyle.