Limited Edition: Exclusive Sacco Dogcart Cesar Millan 1st Edition - The Ultimate in Canine Training!

Dive into the luxurious world of canine training and mobility with our specially designed, blue-colored Sacco dogcart. With only 200 units available worldwide, this is an opportunity to own a rare piece that embodies excellence in craftsmanship, style, and function. Each of the 200 Cesar Millan 1st edition Sacco Dogcart is delivered with a certificate of authenticity,  and a serial number plaque.

Premium Quality: Priced at $6,000 USD, the Sacco dogcart offers an unmatched experience for you and your dog. Designed in collaboration with the original host of The Dog Whisperer series, Cesar Millan, this cart is not just a mode of transportation – it's a training tool, a statement, and a testament to the deep bond you share with your furry friend. 

Special Offer: For the early birds, we have a treat! The first 50 orders will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: A Zoom meeting with Cesar Millan! Imagine discussing about dogs' behaviors, getting exclusive training tips, or just sharing a moment with the world's most renowned dog behaviorist!

Exclusive Sacco Dogcart

Sacco International

Cesar Millan 1st Edition

Exciting news! Due to unforeseen demand and our current shortage of Classic Carts priced at $4900, we are thrilled to extend a special offer to our valued customers. For the next 50 orders, our premium Sacco Dogcart Cesar Millan 1st Edition, originally $6000, is available for an exclusive discounted rate of $4900!

Only 200 units available world wide. The Sacco Cart comes fully assembled, wheels are easily mounted with quick release pins. Cart weighs only 32kg/70lbs. One Towbar worth $387 included for free. Tax, Duties and shipping included. Cart delivered with certificate of authenticity, and a
serial number plaque.

Early bird Special Offer - still valid: first 50 orders will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: A Zoom meeting with Cesar Millan!

Key Features

 State-of-the-Art Design

A sleek, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure ride for your dog, while also making heads turn wherever you go.

Endorsed by the Best

Handpicked and approved by Cesar Millan, ensuring that the cart meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Durable & Reliable

Built to last, using only the most premium materials, making sure you and your dog enjoy countless adventures together.

Why the Sacco Dogcart? It's not just a cart, it's an experience. An investment in the Sacco dogcart is an investment in cherished memories, outdoor adventures, and a deeper bond with your canine companion.

Don't miss out on this limited opportunity to elevate your dog's mobility and training experience. Own the trails with the Cesar Millan Sacco Dogcart.

Stocks are limited and demand is high. Secure yours now and join the exclusive circle of canine enthusiasts who prioritize style, function, and quality.

Compared to the earlier version of the Sacco Dogcart, you'll now experience a substantial improvement in steering, cart handling, and braking, ensuring a safer ride with your furry friend. Our latest model is equipped with hydraulic brakes on all four wheels and a convenient parking brake lever, along with an included safety belt for your peace of mind.


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