When ordering Sacco Cart: Shipping cost and all Taxes including VAT and duties are included.

All new Sacco Carts come with our 12-month Sacco Carts warranty, beginning the day you receive your cart.

Read more about our Warranty Policy here.

The Sacco Cart comes fully assembled, wheels are easily mounted with quick release pins

Our Sacco carts are adapt at handling just about any terrain you can cart on. Our skinny stock
tires are best suited for hard surfaces such as compact dirt, compact gravel, or asphalt. While our fat tires are best for mud, sand, or loose substrates. Choosing the correct tire for your carting environment is key to helping your dog achieve the easiest forward momentum

We offer a range of accessories, all tested for durability and comfort for your dog. You can find more info here (accessories). 

Absolutely! We want our customers to be happy and for your cart to last as long as possible. Please get in touch with your enquiry and we will do our best to help. 

While your Boxer almost certainly has the energy to enjoy this activity, we caution anystrenuous activity for brachycephalic or smushed-face dogs as they can have serious respiratory problems, especially when the temperature is high. So yes your dog would enjoy this activity but please use caution

Sacco has made it easy to choose the pulling configuration that best suits your needs. We offer four pulling configurations 1. Solo - one tow bar, one dog. 2. Social Tandem (side by side)- two tow bars, two dogs.  3. In-line Tandem - one tow bar, one tow bar extender, 2 dogs. 4. Quad - two tow bars, two tow bar extenders, four dogs.

Yes! If your dog can physically pull you unwillingly on a leash down a sidewalk, he can probably pull a cart. 

Adult supervision is recommended for children 12yrs and up, under 12 not recommended.

Your cart will come with a training manual to help you along your journey. Always remember to be patient and every dog will learn at a different speed, take your time. Most dogs will take right to it, you just need a dog that will go forward.

Yes, we recommend wearing a helmet at all times when carting. Choosing harnesses with reflective tape on them and putting booties on your dogs to protect their paw pads in adverse conditions is also important

We offer harnesses for sale on our site that our best suited for your new Sacco. However there are other harness types available that are capable of attaching to your cart such as a pulk harness.